The Network Is The Knowledge: Ideology and Strategy in Mintzberg's Ten Schools - Nick Pelling's MBA Dissertation

This work explores the relationship between knowledge and ideology, particularly in strategic management. It proposes...

  1. that both certainties and uncertainties are fundamental types of knowledge;
  2. that there are three (tensed) types of uncertainty, which I call 'Keatsian uncertainties';
  3. that any given ideology allows only a few kinds of knowledges and choices (and hence uncertainties);
  4. that, by mapping the networks of choices and knowledges, ideologies can be visualised; and
  5. that ideology is the topology of a knowledge network, or The Network Is The Knowledge.

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Special thanks to Jeff Haley, Knox Mix, Dana Scott and Oliver Ueck for their helpful comments on late drafts.

Citation style:-
Pelling, Nick (2004) "The Network Is The Knowledge: Ideology & Strategy in Mintzberg's Ten Schools". MBA dissertation 2004, Kingston University Business School, Surrey, UK.