Nokia's approach to strategy - Messianic or Darwinian?

Nick Pelling, Nico Schonken, Anita Sexton, Gabby Walters
Kingston University Business School, Surrey, UK
Revision 1.0 - 25th June 2003
The strategy for an international business (Nokia Mobile Phones) is examined using two radically different models - Czerniawska's "Messiah Model" (2003) and a Darwinist evolutionary perspective. Both produce equally convincing accounts: but these, ultimately, are just stories. A dialectic model is then developed, within which Messianic and Darwinian perspectives are synthesised, and which locates real-world strategies in the political continuum between the two. Finally, this dialectic model is used to critique Mintzbergs (1998) 10 schools of strategy, and an inclusive view of strategy as a politically contested arena is formed.

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